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Born Again Vinyl

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Born Again Vintage, the brand that started it all. The name stands for a lot or more than you would think. Now it has giving birth to Born Again Vinyl! Born Again can go in front of most anything and make sense. But to really be Born Again....not the religious term which is how its always been confused. But to really be Born Again means......“having the courage to do something different or change your mind or do what nots expected”

That's being Born Again.

Born Again Vinyl

Is a monthly event, every first friday at House of BAV! A chance to unwind, connect and chill while listening to vinyl records played by DJs from all over. We celebrate DJ culture and celebrate vinyl! Taking us back to the days of peace, love and soul!

Join us! And recently added, check @bornagainvinyl out at 4 City Brewery every 2nd Thursday!

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